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Now more than ever, people know the ingredients in all of the products they use around their home. When it comes to dental health, you may have heard how important it is to have fluoride as one of the top ingredients in your toothpaste, but why is it so important to your oral health, and what does it do for your smile? Find out here:

What It Is & What It Does

Fluoride is a natural mineral that can be found throughout the earths crust and all throughout nature. Among its many uses and benefits, it is a great protector of your teeth. As acid, plaque, and bacteria sit atop your teeth, striping your mouth of minerals, it engages in remineralization, by adding fluoride, calcium, and phosphate to replace mineralization and reduce your risk of tooth decay.

For Babies & Young Ones

Fluoride is also vital for babies smiles as well. For young ones with growing bones and developing smiles, it hardens the enamel on children’s teeth before they become exposed from the gums. By giving your child a firm foundation on emerge teeth, and then hardening the enamel on adult teeth that have already emerged, it protects one’s smile at all ages.

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