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An organization known as AAOMS plays a vital role in promoting the field of dentistry and dental surgery. Dental Specialty Associates, which serves the residents of Phoenix and Gilbert, Arizona and surrounding regions, invites fellow oral care professionals and our current and prospective customers to read the following brief blog discussing why those in the field should become part of this organization and why customers should frequent practices that are part of said group respectively.

Overview Of The AAOMS

AAOMS is an abbreviation for the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. Currently, the organization possesses more than 5,000 card carrying members. The agency strives to establish strict mandates for those in the dental or oral surgeon fields to meet in terms of subjects like continuing education, meeting nationally-based practice standards and serving patient needs and safety.

AAOMS Benefits To Members

Membership in the organization provides many professional benefits including:

Optimal Practice Management Resources

Naturally, a successful dentist or oral surgeon will possess a superior educational background and optimal skills. However, numerous other factors play into maintaining a thriving practice such as understanding proper coding and billing methods, learning how to manage a competent staff and retaining the services of trained anesthesia-administering professionals. AAOMS produces numerous resources that provide members with current literature regarding how these issues should be handled.

Education And Research

Like many healthcare fields, the dental or oral surgery industries are continually advancing. Typically, the introduction of the most modern technology leads to the creation of new techniques that industry members need to learn quickly to stay ahead of their competitors. AAOMS organizers understand this fact and employ a significant number of educators and researchers who provide instruction, which is augmented with empirical research demonstrating the success rates of specific procedures.

Continuing Education

In addition to providing instruction on new developments and techniques, the organization often sponsors continuing education programs offered online and inside brick and mortar institutions that enable members to sharpen their current knowledge and skills.

Meetings And Exhibitions

AAOMS also organizes numerous conferences and exhibitions where members meet in various locations and discuss various subjects. These events often serve as a meeting of the minds where a host of dental and oral surgery professionals swap stories, build their networks and strategize methods of improving their practices and advancing in their respective fields.

Becoming A Member

Merely holding the necessary education and certification proving a specific professional is a qualified dentist or oral surgeon does not entitle said individual to membership. AAOMS is a prestigious entity possessing stringent qualifications and a significant application process.

In addition to an initial application form, a prospective candidate must also supply AAOMS membership committee members with additional documentation demonstrating certification that said individual has completed the necessary training for oral and maxillofacial training, at least three evaluation forms submitted by current AAOMS members and verification clearly showing the applicant’s membership in a state or municipal oral and maxillofacial surgery organization. Once all of these materials are gathered and submitted, the prospective candidate’s application is closely reviewed.

AAOMS Practice Benefits To Patients

Prospective patients are encouraged to frequent practices belonging to AAOMS. Arguably, the most important issue for patients to consider is that the practice in question’s membership means much more than a fancy plaque to place on a wall. Dental establishments admitted to this organization are expected to meet all established guidelines. Moreover, said entities are subjected to periodic visits from AAOMS representatives who perform thorough evaluations. Ergo, patients of such practices can rest assured that the oral care professionals employed there are meeting all nationally-established mandates.

Contacting Us

The proprietors of Dental Specialty Associates are members of AAOMS and perform a variety of oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures. For further information about the practice or the services and dental care treatments provided, please visit

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