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Many people go throughout their lives without even knowing they are experiencing symptoms of gum disease. This is harmful, because by the time a patient notices a symptom, it is already at an advanced stage. Learn here about the warning signs to look out for:

Your Gums

If you notice you’re gums are tender or red when you are brushing, you could potentially be experiencing symptoms of gum disease. Many people also experience bleeding while brushing or flossing, and this additionally is a huge warning sign.

Your Teeth

The appearance of your teeth also change when you are experiencing symptoms of gum disease. Your teeth can appear to be separating, puss might be apparent in between your gums and teeth, and you could be experiencing a change in the fit of partial dentures as well.

If you are experiencing any of these warning signs, give DSA a call today to see what can be done immediately at (602) 795-5995.