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Teeth come in all different shapes and sizes, but did you know that no matter what tooth you’re talking about, each has the same distinct parts? Learn more about the anatomy of a tooth here:


The outer most layer of your tooth is called your enamel. This is also the hardest part of the tooth, and is actually the hardest surface in the entire human body! Enamel is the tooth’s protector, and when it is worn away, tooth decay and further damage can set in. Unfortunately, enamel cannot be regrown, so taking care of your enamel is vital to your overall oral health!


Below your enamel lies the layer of tooth called dentin. Best layer is comprised of millions of microscopic tubes that lead from the enamel all the way down to the next part of the tooth.


Underneath many tiny tubes that comprise dentin, the soft tissue found in the center of all teeth, the pulp, can be found. This part of the tooth is where all of the blood vessels & nerve tissue are located. When a persons tooth is damaged all the way to the pulp, people typically require a root canal procedure and can feel enormous amounts of pain.

No matter the layer of tooth, it is important to protect all three parts of the tooth to ensure a great oral health! I want to learn more about the anatomy of your teeth? Dental Specialty Associates a call today at (602) 795-5995!