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OK, so you need a root canal. No need to be fearful! In contrast to what Hollywood says (scaring everyone about how treacherous a root canal is) we are here to tell you what you can actually expect, and walk you through the steps and stages of root canal therapy.


First, your dentist will perform an exam in your mouth. If he finds a tooth that contains infected pulp, he might refer you for a root canal to save this tooth.


After diagnosis, you are ready to receive your root canal. On the day of, the first thing that will be done by your dental professional will be an injection of local anesthesia around the treatment area. Nothing will begin until you are completely numb, and your dental team will double check to make sure that’s the case before starting!


The next step and a root canal treatment is to place a thin plastic sheet, also called a dental dam, over the tooth to isolate it. This damn ensures that the area remains free of bacteria for the time being.


After the dental dam is in place, a small hole is drilled into the tooth to access the canals of your tooth root, and the pump that is infected is removed. The canal is entirely cleaned out, and is treated with antiseptic’s and antibacterial agents.


Once the canal is completely cleaned, the canals are refilled with a sealant that helps prevent reinfection. The canals are filled up as much as possible, which prevents reinfection. The whole originally drilled will be filled with a sealant as well, and a crown will be placed over the tooth to restore the tooth structure and functionality, and give the tooth a natural look.


When the procedure is finished, a patient can manage pain with over-the-counter medicines and pain killers. For the vast majority of dental patients, the procedure itself is painless, and the recovery is as well.

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