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The time is come. Your braces are finally coming off and it is time to show the world your sweet, sparkling smile. Maintaining that smile is an important job, and that is why caring for your retainer is a must. Check out our tips on how to do so here:

Let’s face it. Wearing your retainer is the price you have to pay for beautiful, straight teeth. This will be something you have to wear forever, so it’s important to care for it. To ensure it doesn’t get damaged, or that you don’t lose it, follow these tips.

Never Wrap It In A Tissue

So many times we hear of people wrapping their retainers in a tissue, and it accidentally being thrown away or missed placed. Since it looks like garbage, sometimes it can be mistaken as such, and the chances of you finding it at a restaurant or elsewhere then becomes slim. It’s best to just avoid this situation entirely.

Keep Your Retainer Clean

Without properly caring for and cleaning your retainer, parts of the apparatus can become rusted, destroyed, or damaged. It can also start to smell if it is not frequently cleaned. Make sure to gently brush it after use, and store it in a dry space in order to keep it in tiptop shape.

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