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At Dental Specialty Associates, we are committed to providing restorative dentistry to our patients to protect the functionality of their teeth, and the beauty of their smile.  Find out more about two of our most popular restorative solutions, dental crowns and dental bridges here:

Improve, Align & Restore

When you have a damaged tooth or have a tooth that is missing, restorative dentistry aims to not only improve the appearance and alignment of your teeth, but restore its functionality in your day-to-day life. Using dental crowns and bridges are two of the most common ways we solve these issues!

Crowns Versus Bridges

If you have a single damaged / cracked tooth, or a defective implant, your dentist might recommend a dental crown, which is essentially a cap that covers the tooth and provides what is underneath, a harder exterior. If you were missing one or more teeth, a bridge would be used to cover the space in between. These bridges are adhered to the teeth surrounding the open space, and provide a dental prosthesis for what is missing.

Regular Maintenance

While both solutions can solve your problem and last you forever, it is important to still take care of them by regularly brushing your teeth / gums, and flossing daily as well. It is also vital in caring for your teeth and your dental prosthetics to see your dentist or hygienist regularly for a check ups and cleanings.

Are you interested in seeing what Dental Specialty Associates can do for your smile? Give us a call today at (602) 795-5995!