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When it comes to getting oral surgery, proper preparation can make a big difference. Take care of yourself and do the right things and you’ll recover in no time. But if you don’t put any thought into your preparations and just go into it blind, you could be in for a rough experience.

At Dental Specialty Associates, we let all our patients know just how important it is for them to take care of themselves before getting surgery done. Here’s how you can prepare for oral surgery.

Follow Instructions

The first and most important thing to keep in mind when you prepare for oral surgery. Follow your dentist’s instructions. Not all oral surgeries have the same preparation requirements, so it’s important that you do exactly what you’re told. Following their instructions to the letter will make the surgery and recovery process much smoother. It’ll also prevent complications from arising; Taking the wrong kind of medication before your surgery, for example, could cause problems that will need addressing later.

Get A Ride

On the day of the surgery, make arrangements to have someone drive you to the surgery and pick you up afterwards. Post-surgery you will most likely be groggy, numb, and disorienting. You will be in no shape to drive home safely. If worst comes to worst and you can’t find someone you know to give you a ride, call a taxi or Uber. It’s an additional cost, but it will keep you safe.

Communicate With Your Loved Ones

If you live with family, have roommates, or are in a relationship, it’s important that you let the people close to you know you’ll be undergoing oral surgery. Depending on the severity of the procedure, you could be out of commission for a few days. You want your loved ones to know so they can give you the space and time you need to heal. This is especially the case if you’re a parent- Have your partner shoulder the brunt of childcare post procedure, or ask a family member or trusted friend to pitch in. You need to focus on taking care of yourself.

The Night Before

You’ll need to fast the evening before. Ask your dentist how long your fast needs to last. Be sure to hydrate yourself and get plenty of rest. Recovery can be an exhausting process. Get yourself as well-rested as you can to make things easier for you.

Stock Your Fridge

There will be certain foods and drinks you’ll want to avoid for a few days afterwards. You’ll want to avoid anything that is too hot or cold. Hot foods can be especially dangerous to eat after surgery. You could still be numb from the anesthetic, which means food can burn you and not even notice it until it’s too late.

If you have any questions about how to prepare for oral surgery or would like to schedule a visit, give Dental Specialty Associates a call at 602-795-5995.