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After learning how oral health affects more than than just our mouths, it comes at no surprise that our oral health affects our cardiovascular system as well. Learn more about the connection between your heart and your oral health here:


In recent decades, dentists and cardiovascular specialists have come to find that there exists a link between gum disease and heart attacks. Statistically speaking, patients who experience gum disease are twice as likely to have heart disease as well. In recent studies, research has revealed that one of the major markers for heart disease, is gum disease, noting the major connection between how taking care of your oral health also takes care of your heart.


Through these studies, we have learned that the bad bacteria in your mouth (that travels through your body via your bloodstream) can infect the tissue surrounding, and in, your heart. This bacteria creates inflammation, which makes it more difficult for the heart to do it’s job.


With heart disease being the largest cause of death in the United States, making sure you fight every possibility of having this disease is vital. Making sure that you maintain a healthy oral care routine and visiting your dentist and primary care physician regularly can help you defend yourself against cardiovascular disease, as well as other oral and body ailments.

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