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In the final entry in our series on impacted teeth, we will be discussing the treatment dentists provide to a patient that has them. If you find yourself in the situation of having an impacted tooth, here’s what we’ll do to solve the issue.

The two main kinds of teeth that become impacted are typically the wisdom teeth, and the canines. To discuss treatment for these impacted teeth, we’ve broken them down into two to give you the most applicable information to each!


When you have impacted canines, an orthodontist will attempt to create a path for your canine to erupt. An orthodontist will open a space for the compacted tooth and go through your gums to expose a tooth. Then they will apply a bracket and small chain to the tooth to pull it down. From there the orthodontist will attach smaller bands to the chain on the two, and order to influence the tooth to the desired spot. If clearing a path for the impacted tooth to come down doesn’t work, your dentist or orthodontist will suggest removal of the tooth.

Wisdom Teeth

When it comes to wisdom teeth, almost always the solution is to extract them. If your mouth naturally has space to include them though, an extraction is not automatically necessary. Many people can live with their wisdom teeth for the duration of  their lives! If your wisdom tooth needs to be extracted however, typically surgery is performed with local or general anesthesia, but there are cases where an extraction of your wisdom tooth can be done simply at your dentists office.

Need Impacted Teeth Treatment?

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