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In the next step of our series, we want to focus on the implications of untreated impacted teeth. Many things can go wrong in your mouth if you let your impacted teeth grow in when there isn’t space for them, and this can lead to a multitude of other issues. See the implications here:


An impacted tooth can abscess. When a tooth abscesses, pus, a product of an infection, builds up in the center of the tooth. An infection can also occur in the area of the gum surrounding the tooth, and cause pus to build up that way as well. This can be extremely painful, and requires drainage from the dentist.


When an impacted tooth erupts, and there is no space in the mouth for it, misalignment occurs. Because an impacted tooth can erupt in an undesirable direction or shape, teeth have to move from their normal position to adapt to the additional tooth. This can create pain and inhibit the teeth from fulfilling they’re typical duties.


Impacted teeth can cause pain all through your mouth, and even to some of surrounding areas. Many people report that their jaw, neck, and even up into their ears have felt pain due to a tooth needing to erupt. An impacted tooth can also be painful since it tends to push up against other teeth that don’t have room for it to come in. Not only does this affect how your teeth function, but can also be extremely painful.

Are You Experiencing Impacted Teeth Implications?

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