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Sometimes, when people think of braces, they believe that this form of orthodontics are only for teenagers. However, statistics show that is not the case. More adults are getting adult braces now more than ever before – for good reason. If you are an adult contemplating if braces are right for you at your age, read into the further benefits here:

Symptoms & Benefits

Dental health is hindered when teeth are not straight and where they should be. Crooked teeth can affect a persons jaw, bite, and further oral development, which can cause a lot of damage if the teeth are not aligned correctly down the line. There are not only benefits to a persons look, but their health as well when they invest in braces, no matter their age.

Your Smile

One of the first things we look at when we meet another person is their smile. For those who are insecure about the way their smile looks, they can feel anxious or apprehensive about meeting new people, hindering their social networking capabilities and interactions. People also associate white, straight smiles with attractiveness. Studies have been done in the past that prove this to be true. With a straighter smile, especially as an adult, not only is confidence boosted, but can benefit you in the dating world too.

Long Term Oral Health

In addition to aesthetic benefits, adults with braces add many benefits to their long-term oral health as well. Teeth that are not aligned can create more health risks then people are aware of. Overcrowded teeth, over bites and under bites, jaw disorders, problems speaking, problems biting, jaw pain, high-risk for tooth decay due to plaque and food build up between teeth, gum erosion, bone erosion, and intense facial pain are just a few of the concerns crooked teeth create. As adults, busy lives are hard to put on hold for issues such as this, and can be alleviated quickly with braces.

Given these risks and rewards, it is no surprise that adults see the value in investing in orthodontics for their long-term oral health.  To learn more about adult braces, give Dental Specialty Associates a call today at (602) 795-5995!