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Kids are active. This is no surprise! With the summer right around the corner, summer activities in camps will be in full swing. Here’s how you can aid not only in your child’s safety, but prevent and protect your child from a dental emergency as well the summer:

Prevent The Emergency

As parents, we know the importance of making sure our kids are safe from danger. But sometimes, mistakes are unavoidable. Here’s how you can help steer your child away from having a dental emergency.

Use Mouth Guards

Make sure your child knows the importance of wearing a mouth guard. When your child is playing sports, specifically contact sports, mouth guards will help protect your children’s teeth from severe injury. Reminding them that a mouthguard is their best defense against any dental trauma is not only important for their safety,  but is important mom and dads piggy bank, as well!

Monitor Hard Candy

Another helpful tip is to steer your child clear of hard candy. Whether it be a lollipop or a butterscotch, monitoring your children around hard food and candy will help ensure they are protected from dental injury.

Looking for more tips to prevent dental emergencies?  Give our staff a call today at (602) 795-5995!