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With summertime in full effect, our sweet tooth has kicked into high gear, craving all  of the tasty sweet treats like popsicles and ice cream we can get our hands on in this heat. When it comes to those delicious deserts, however much relief that bring from the blistering sun, the damage they could do to our teeth might be worse. What can all of that sugar do to your teeth?

It’s No Secret

It is no secret that consuming a lot of sugar is damaging to many aspects of your help. But what does it specifically do to your teeth? When a person consumes an excess amount of sugar, they are putting themselves in a dangerously close situation with potential tooth decay. The sugar in the foods and drinks we drink create a bacteria that produces acid that wears away at our enamel, and when the enamel starts to lessen, tooth decay occurs. Once the enamel on your teeth has gone, there is no getting it back, leaving you with teeth that are thin, weak, and unable to function properly. Over indulgence and sugary foods and drinks can also lead to other oral health problems, such as gum disease cavities, and oddly enough, can be the culprit of reoccurring bad breath as well.

Consume Sugar In Moderation

We know, that with everything, consuming sugar in moderation is the best way to consume it at all. If sugary drinks or foods are on the menu for the night, make sure that your toothbrush is handy! Brushing your teeth after consumption can help eradicate the acids the sugar creates that breaks down your enamel, not only leaving your mouth clean and fresh, but greatly decreasing your likelihood of encountering one of these issues as well.

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