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We all have heard about the possibility of a dry socket after a wisdom tooth extraction. Along with the rewards of removal, there are also a very small number of risks – a dry socket being one of them. Did you know, however, the dry sockets only occur in less than 5% of all tooth extraction patients? The number is very small – but being informed about the possibility can help you do all that is possible to avoid this outcome.

Causes Of Dry Socket

When our body heals from an injury or a procedure like a wisdom tooth extraction, our blood naturally produces a clot to seal the injury and heal it. However, in the case of a dry socket, the clot falls out of place and exposes the raw tissue and underlying nerve to air, drinks, foods, and other debris. This is problematic, as this exposure can be extremely painful and complicate simple day to day activities like eating and breathing.

Not to fear! There are many ways a dry socket can be prevented before and after your procedure.

Before The Surgery

Before the surgery, make sure the you are keeping up with great oral hygiene practices. Having a clean, brushed mouth greatly lowers your risk of infection and other potentially damaging risks, and in terms of dry sockets, creates a clean environment for your mouth to heal in.

After The Surgery

Afterwards, it is imperative that the after care instructions provided to you by your dentist are followed. The mouthwash provided to you will help keep the incision clean – an important step in the healing process. It is also important to make sure that no suction-like movements are done for a period of time, like drinking out of a straw or smoking. The sucking that both of these activities call for make it very easy for a blood clot to become dislodged, thus creating a dry socket.

The most vital thing you can do to prevent this painful aftermath is to follow all of the simple practices your doctor will tell you to do after your procedure. With that, your chances of getting a dry socket will be greatly reduced and your healing process will move along much quicker!

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