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When a patient arrives at the dental office with a pre-diagnosis of diabetes, this changes the care plan the dental team will provide to this patient. Diabetes does affect a person’s oral health. Find out here what oral health problems can be caused, or worsened, by it:

High blood pressure is an extremely common symptom of diabetes, and with high blood pressure comes weakened white blood cells.  Without the normal amount of white blood cells, a persons body cannot fight off bad bacteria as much as it should. This can create an array of problems:

Gum Disease

Cameras he is as prevalent than patient with diabetes as the body loses its ability to ward off infection, which leads to various problems in the body, but also leads to diseases in the mouth, such as gingivitis.

Dry Mouth

A patient with diabetes can experience blood sugar levels that are eratic, which may decrease the production of saliva in the mouth.


Yes, even adults can contract thrush. With the high number of antibiotics prescribed to diabetics, a diabetic is more prone to oral fungal infection. This infection is caused by high glucose levels in the saliva.

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