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It seems like everybody these past few weeks has come down with the flu. It’s just that season, we guess! Here’s how to maintain your oral health, even during cold and flu season.

Keep Your Equipment Clean

When you’re sick, it’s important to remember to sanitize all of the equipment you use to brush and floss your teeth. Many companies have made sanitizers for this pacific instance, and many times you can purchase these at your local drugstore. If you’re looking for a more natural way to clean your utensils, running them under piping hot water and washing with soap is an effective way to kill germs as well. If you come down with an illness, it’s time to either get a new toothbrush, or replace the head. No matter how many times you can sanitize your equipment, it is a possibility to reinfect yourself with the germs that have made a permanent home out of your toothbrush or flossing apparatus.

Maintain Your Normal Brushing & Flossing Habits

Sometimes when you’re sick, brushing & flossing are the last things you want to focus on. However, to keep yourself healthy, it is important to stick to your routine and minimize the amount of germs in your mouth. Making sure that you are still cleaning your teeth, even while sick, can help you get over this sickness faster, or even prevent it entirely.

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