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Here at Dental Specialty Associates, it’s important for us to know that our patients are as well informed on dental truths as possible. That is why we comprised a list of three of the most common dental fibs circulating dentistry, to the debunk them here for our patients.

Eating Lots Of Sugar Leads To Cavities

It’s not the amount of sugar you consume that leads to cavities. In fact, it’s the amount of sugar you consume and don’t remove, that leads to cavities. The longer you go between eating candy and brushing your teeth, the higher at risk your teeth are to get cavities.

If You Brush Your Teeth, You Won’t Have Bad Breath

Many times, bad breath has nothing to do with your hygiene habits. Bad breath can actually be a sign of underlying issues, such as illnesses or other conditions. Sometimes, all it chalks up to is a garlicky lunch. Brushing can remove bad breath in that instance, but people who chronically experience bad breath almost always have an underlying causation.

If Your Gums Are Bleeding, Don’t Continue To Brush Them

If your gums are bleeding, it’s a sign you’re not brushing enough. Gums that bleed are a byproduct of food and plaque buildup. In order to rid your teeth of those problems, it is important to maintain a regular brushing schedule.

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