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Taking care of your health isn’t always easy, and at times isn’t always fun. However, we comprised a list of dental fun facts you can share with your child this month to interest them further and taking care of their teeth!

1. Americans typically spend almost 40 days total brushing their teeth over their lifetime!
2. Your dominant hand predicts what side of your mouth you will chew food on. For example, if I write with my left hand, I will predominately chew food on the left side of my mouth!
3. Tongues are as different, and indicative of who a person is as fingerprints are.
4. People typically tend to favor blue toothbrushes over red ones.
5. If you are not a fan of flossing, you are not cleaning almost 40% of your teeth’s surface!
6. Did you know that the outermost layer of your tooth, called enamel, is the hardest surface in the entire human body? Yep, your teeth are harder than your bones!
7. Humans have 32 teeth, dogs have 42, 44, and a snail can have over 25,000 teeth!
8. The biggest animal on earth is a blue whale, but the blue whale only eats micro scopic plankton because it has no teeth!
9. The earliest known dentist name was Hesi-Re. He was an Egyptian man who lived over 5000 years ago!
10. The first toothbrush was not comprised of plastic and bristles, however was made from twigs!

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