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We won’t lie – having a tooth removed can sometimes be painful, and make basic day to day tasks harder to do than normal. This is especially true for eating. It will be difficult to enjoy what you’re used to eating – drinking as well. That is why we here at Dental Specialty Associates, compiled a list of the foods you should and should not eat after a tooth extraction.

What You Can Eat

Let’s start off with what you will be able to enjoy. We recommend sticking to foods that won’t require your jaw to do much movement, meaning you should stay away from food that you will need to chew heavily. Some examples of foods like this would be soup, smoothies, scrambled eggs, Jell-O, Ramen, and protein shakes are just a few of the liquid-based foods you can enjoy. Plus, if you’re feeling like you need a little cool soothing, ice cream is also on the list of foods you can enjoy after tooth extraction. Be careful not to eat anything that may contain hard nuts or too much sugar though, to avoid further damage to your teeth!

What You Cannot Eat

Like we said, foods that will require a lot of chewing should be avoided for a short period of time after a tooth extraction. We recommend strongly that you stay away from chewy candies, or foods that take a lot of jaw power, like a steak or beef jerky. Crunchy foods, such as almonds and other nuts should also be avoided, to make sure no hard bits  interfere with the healing process of the gums near the extracted tooth. Foods containing high acidity & spice should also be left alone for a little while. These elements are known to be irritating to the mouth, and while you are healing from a tooth extraction, are best to avoid.

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