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So you have a new mouth full of metal brackets – now what? The adjustment period can be daunting, but none the less important to stay on top of! So how can you take care of your teeth with braces on to the best of your ability?

Continue To Brush & Floss Regularly

It can become more difficult to brush and floss with they new metal in your mouth, but staying on top of brushing is very important to do during this time! Maintaining a regular brushing schedule ensures that your teeth will not only be more resistant to cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease, but will also help you get your braces off on time! Without a solid brushing regimen, your track to get your braces off can be hindered by the need for your dentist to do deep cleanings and scalings, which can push your long awaited removal date back.

Ask Your Dentist For Proper Tools

Did you know that their are many tools that have been made solely to help people with braces be able to brush and floss better? It can be quite the task to weave a string of floss through the wires of your braces, or clean above and below the brackets with your tooth brush, so asking oyur dentist for a list of these tools (and some samples) can greatly lessen the workload.

Want To Know More About Braces Care?

Looking for more hygiene tips for braces care? Give our office a call at (602) 795-5995 to speak to one of our professionals or to schedule a consultation!