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As the old saying goes: You are what you eat. That is especially true for your teeth: Eat bad things and you’ll end up with bad teeth.

At Dental Specialty Associates, we know the worst foods for teeth that can wreck havoc. Watch out for these eight worst foods for teeth: If you’re not careful, they can wreck your dental health.

Hard Candies

It can be hard to resist the impulse to bite down on a piece of hard candy, but you absolutely should: It’s one of the worst things you can do to your teeth! Don’t bite down on that lollipop: It could crack and chip your tooth.


Soda is fizzy, sweet, and just awful for your teeth. Sodas are jam-packed with sugars and acids that can cause and accelerate tooth decay. They’re also packed with corn syrups and calories that are bad for your overall health. You’re better off avoiding sodas entirely. But if you’re going to drink them, drink them through a straw: This will limit the soda’s contact with your teeth.


Before you say anything, we know: Ice isn’t a food! But it IS something that people like to chew on. Crunching your ice is a big mistake: It can work a mean number on your teeth. Avoid doing it at all; if you insist on doing it, let the ice melt down into a small cube in your mouth before you start crunching it. The smaller and weaker the ice is, the less damage it will do to your teeth.


Citrus fruits are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. And they’re delicious to boot! Unfortunately they’re also bad for your teeth. These fruits are packed with citric acids and sugars that can eat away at the enamel of your teeth. Your enamel is your teeth’s protective coating; Once the enamel is stripped away, it leaves them vulnerable to decay, cavities, and infection.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t eat citrus at all! Just eat it safely: Rinse your mouth out with water right after you eat some citrus. The water will wash away any sugars and citric acids clinging to your teeth.


Coffee is great for your morning… but it’s also bad for your teeth. Most coffee can stain your teeth, ruining their pristine white color. It also dehydrates you. Dehydration is terrible for your teeth because it means your body produces less saliva; Saliva naturally rinses out your mouth, clearing acids, sugars, and loose food debris clinging to your teeth. And depending on how you take your coffee, it can be full of sugars that can eat away at your teeth.

If you can’t live without coffee, try drinking it black. The less sugar you consume, the better. And be sure to rinse out your mouth after you drink coffee to keep your teeth stain free.

Sticky Foods

Sticky foods rank among the top worst foods for teeth and can be a nightmare. Whether it’s caramels, peanut butter, marshmallows, or other sticky treats, sticky food lives up to its name: It will stick to your teeth! Food particles and debris trapped in your teeth will attract bacteria: They will feast on these bits of food, which over time will produce plaque and rot your teeth. Be sure to thoroughly brush and floss after you eat sticky food.

Potato Chips

Potato chips are tasty treats. It’s hard not to have more than one! Unfortunately they’re also bad for your teeth: Potato chips are full of starch, which can easily get trapped in your teeth. Like sticky foods, take care to brush and flush after eating chips so they don’t end up stowing away in between your teeth.


Alcohol can cause dehydration and dry mouth. Both of which are bad things for your teeth! Some forms of alcohol, like red wine, can also stain your teeth. Heavy alcohol use can put you at risk for mouth cancer, as well. You’re best off avoiding alcohol. If you’re going to drink, rinse thoroughly after you finish drinking.

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