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Getting a dental implant can take a lot of time. As dental restoration techniques go, few processes take as long nor are as physically demanding as getting an implant put in. The benefits to having implants, though, are considerable and well worth the time and effort. It’s one of the best investments you can make for your dental health.

At Dental Specialty Associates, our dentists and oral health-care providers are dedicated to helping our clients better themselves by giving them healthier teeth and brighter, fuller smiles. Time and time again, we’ve found that dental implants can offer some of our patients an unparalleled level of functionality and convenience. If you’re wondering if you should invest in dental implants, here are five reasons why they could be just what you need.

It Can Fix Your Bite

You can lose a lot more than you expected when you lose a tooth. A lost tooth can change the way you eat, making it harder to bite down and break apart certain types of food. They can also affect your speech patterns, making it harder to pronounce things correctly. And because you now have less teeth, the rest of your teeth will compensate for the loss, making it so that you’ll wear your other teeth out faster over time.

Getting a dental implant is like growing a new tooth to replace the one you lost. For all intents and purposes, it works just like a regular tooth. The rest of your teeth and your mouth will treat it like it IS a tooth, so tissue will grow around it and your teeth and jaw will realign properly to make it fit in just right.

It Preserves Your Jaw

One of the consequences that comes from losing teeth is that it impacts the rest of your jaw as well. Missing teeth have an especially damaging effect on your gums and jaw bones! Gum recession and bone loss naturally occurs within the gaps left behind by missing teeth because there’s no structure left to prevent these conditions. When dental implants are in place, it creates a secure root for tissue to attach itself to which will keep gum recession and bone loss from happening.

It Keeps Your Teeth Healthy

When you lose a tooth, your remaining healthy teeth will shift around to take up the empty space. Since an implant functions like a natural tooth, by placing it in your mouth you’re also maintaining the structure of your teeth. Because you filled the empty gap with an implant, the other teeth won’t have to move to fill the void.

It Looks Like The Real Thing

There are a lot of different treatments to repair and replace your teeth, but none of them are as subtle and hard to spot as an implant. Dental bridges and dentures are much more noticeable. If an implant is done properly, people will rarely ever know you have a crown in place.

Implants Can Last A Lifetime

Traditional bridges have a life-span of about six years. A properly maintained implant, on the other hand, can last you for the rest of your life. No other dental substitute looks as natural nor endures for as long as a an implant does. So long as you go in for check-ups to make sure it’s holding up alright, you won’t have to worry about the implant wearing down or needing to be replaced. They are built to last, and should be as hardy and strong and durable as your actual teeth.

Ready To Invest In Dental Implants?

Want to know more about dental implants or why to invest in dental implants? Because our staff at Dental Specialty Associates would be happy to assist you. Give us a call at (602)-795-5995.