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Need to get a tooth replacement? There are quite a few options available. One of our favorite procedures is dental implants. Getting one put in can be an intensive process but it’s also well worth the time and effort.

At Dental Specialty Associates, we’ve got years of experience working with dental implants. Here are our five favorite things about this tooth replacement procedure.

Almost As Good As The Real Thing

To the naked eye a dental implant is indistinguishable from a real tooth. No other form of corrective treatment or tooth replacement can match dental implants in terms of having a natural look. In addition, they also behave and function and feel just like a real tooth would.

Made To Last

Dental implants are made to last. They’re extremely durable. Compare them to bridges, for example: Most bridges need replacing every five to ten years. While dental implants may need periodic adjustments, they’re built to last a lifetime so long as they’re properly cared for.

Preserves Your Face And Bones

First of all, missing teeth can have a dramatic effect on your face. It can cause your face to sag in certain areas and appear sunken and sad. A missing tooth can also have a damaging effect on your bones and gums: Your gums may start to recede and your jawbone will lose bone density as the rest of your mouth tries to realign itself to compensate for the loss of your tooth. Dental implants halt this process: Once the implant is successful, the rest of your mouth will treat them as though they were real teeth! Which means that your teeth will stop shifting to fill any gaps left by the loss of natural teeth.

No Cavities

One major benefit of dental implants is that they can’t get cavities! You’ll still need a cleaning from a dentist and take care of it everyday, however. Just because it can’t get cavities doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat it with the same care and attention you’d give a natural tooth.

It Doesn’t Affect Your Speech

Missing teeth can affect your speech. And while there are other treatments that can replace and compensate for your lost teeth, some of them can also have an affect on your speech. Case in point: Removable dentures. This isn’t the case with dental implants. They function just like natural teeth and won’t have a negative impact on your speech.

More Questions About Dental Implants?

Want to know more about dental implants? Because our staff at Dental Specialty Associates would be happy to assist you. Give us a call at (602)-795-5995.