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One of the best things you can do for your teeth is to see an orthodontist. Even if you’ve got a clean bill of dental health, it doesn’t hurt to see an orthodontist and make sure that you don’t have any potential problems developing in your mouth.

At Dental Specialty Associates, we know just how much an orthodontist visit can help improve your dental health. Here are 5 benefits that come from scheduling an orthodontist visit.

It Will Improve Your Smile

Want to have a smile you can be proud of? Visiting an orthodontist is a great step towards improving your smile. They can give you treatments that will fix crooked or overcrowded teeth, which can make a huge difference for your smile. Give yourself the straight smile you deserve by seeking orthodontic treatment.

It Saves Bone And Tissue

One of the consequences that can come from crooked or overcrowded teeth is that it can lead to gum tissue recession and a loss in bone density. One of the main causes of overcrowding is missing teeth: When you have a gap in your teeth, your other teeth will move to try and fill the gap. This realigning stretches out your tissues and weakens your jaw. Orthodontic treatment will straighten your teeth out. And if you combine that straightening and bracing with a dental implant, it will fix the gap and prevent future teeth shifting from happening.

It Relieves Pain

Crooked teeth can have an impact on the rest of your body. By putting too much stress on your teeth, gums, and jaw, it can lead to you developing pounding headaches and neck/facial pain. As a result, fixing your teeth will ease these pains.

It Can Fix Your Speech

Getting a teeth realignment won’t just fix your smile: It can fix your speech! Uneven and missing teeth can cause speech impediments. Proper orthodontic care can correct these structural problems, eliminating the issues that are mangling your speech.

It Can Save Your Oral Health

Orthodontic care can save you from gum disease. It can also save your teeth before they fall victim to tooth decay or outright fall out due to physical stress from overcrowding. It can also fix chewing issues by fixing over and underbites and making sure that no part of your teeth is getting more stress and force applies to it than others.

Furthermore, to learn about the services we provide, schedule an appointment with one of our dentists. Or give Dental Specialty Associates a call at 602-795-5995.