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As Spring quickly approaches, many people in Arizona are getting ready for our harsh summer climate. Back to a time of 110° weather, scattered haboobs, and what Arizona is best known for, our dry heat. Now while it is normal for our desert environment to be dry, our mouths should be a different story, however many people suffer from chronic dry mouth. Here at Imagine Dental, we want to warn you of what your dry mouth is telling you, and the quick fixes to solving this issue.

You’d be surprised how many people suffer from dry mouth – it’s actually a pretty common oral ailment. As we age, the glands in our mouths, our salivary glands, don’t produce as much saliva as they used to, and since bacteria and disease thrive and drier climates, somewhat like a desert, it is important to make sure this issue is resolved. Here are 4 quick solutions you can work on from home to start quenching your dry mouth.

Chew More Gum

It’s been proven that chewing gum actually increases your glands production of saliva. When picking your gum, however, make sure you are choosing sugar free, as excess and sugar intake can lead to more cavities and other oral problems.

Look At Your Lifestyle

How much caffeine do you drink a day? do you drink alcohol in excess? Both caffeine and alcohol are extremely drying to the mouth. Another cause of dry mouth is smoking or chewing tobacco. The tobacco in these products also causes dry mouth, making this another cause of your chronic dry mouth.

Select Your Oral Products Carefully

Alcohol can also be found in certain types of mouthwashes, so making sure you purchase one without alcohol is important in helping your dry mouth. Also make sure you are using rinses and toothpaste that contain fluoride, as these are also beneficial to your oral health and can aid in repairing this condition.

Drink More Water

This may seem silly, but making sure that you are drinking enough water is one of the easiest fixes for dry mouth. Just like our Arizona desert, proper hydration keeps plants, our environment, and our  mouths in tiptop shape.

Want To Know More About Dry Mouth?

Have questions about your dry mouth? We’re happy to help. Give us a call at  602-595-3600 to book an appointment and speak to one of our experts.