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If you think you are the only one who has fears going to the dentist, think again. Many people suffer from dental anxiety. Be sure to protect your teeth and gums so you can enjoy optimal dental health for the rest of your life. You’ll need to have a dentist examine and treat them regularly. To make it easier for you to look forward to your next appointment, here are some sedation dentistry facts you should know.

Sedation Really Works

If you choose to receive sedation intravenously or with a pill, you will not have to worry about experiencing much discomfort during your visit. The medication works helps to induce a calm and pleasant mental state so patients remain as relaxed as possible. Many people who choose sedation often do not remember their dental experience.

It Is Completely Safe

The use of sedation does not affect your ability to stay awake, unless you choose to be deeply sedated. In fact, you will be conscious the entire time your teeth are being worked on. However, you may have trouble recalling specific details of your dental visit, which is a great thing if you have dental phobias or anxiety. Also, all of your vital signs are monitored closely while you are under sedation.

Reduces Treatment Time

If you need a dental procedure that normally takes several hours or visits to complete, sedation can help to reduce the amount of time you will spend in your dentist’s office. Shorter treatment times reduce the risk of you becoming fatigued from your treatment.

Improves Effectiveness of Numbing Medication

If you have trouble getting numb during your dental procedures, the use of sedation can change that. Your body has a harder time responding to pain medication if it is in a higher state of anxiety. Sedation makes it possible for you to relax so your pain medication can take effect properly.

The best place to go for any dental work if you are struggling with dental anxiety or phobia is to a practice that offers sedation dentistry in Phoenix AZ.

If you are ready to conquer your fear and gain a new lease on life by fixing your smile, contact Dental Specialty Associates for an appointment with Dr. Brian Lilien.