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Recently, it seems like the newest DIY trend that’s hit the internet is Do It Yourself dentistry. While there has been a few small success stories, trust us, there are many many more people who wind up with bigger issues than they had originally, and they end up right where they should’ve started: in the chair of a professional!

Understand The Risks

When you attempt to brace-ify yourself, you run the risk of doing infinitely more damage to your teeth and their alignment than you would seeing a professional. You can create issues with not only your teeth, but your jaw and your bones in the surrounding area as well – damage that is extensive and pricey to fix. Not to mention you will also be facing pain that is going unmonitored by your dentist or orthodontist, which could point to problems that go deeper than just the pain that accompanies moving teeth from their natural placement. With DIY braces, you are also introducing foreign objects and items into your mouth – a breeding ground for bacteria as it is – and now you are chancing the risk of infection.

Consider The Options

If what you are aiming to avoid is the appearance of braces, we get it – especially if you are getting braces later in life. However, we make it our mission to make sure our patients are as happy as possible with the orthodontic care, including looking at options like Invisalign: a retainer-like method to straightening your teeth.

When it comes to your oral health, don’t take the risk. Call our professionals today at 602.795.5995 to see what Dental Specialty Associates can do for you!